03/23/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Lion, the Glitch, and the Centerfold

The Liberal Lion is rolling over in his grave
His seat even the President could not help save
A state senator for only five years
Has brought the Democratic establishment to tears

Seems the state's attorney general just couldn't compete
Against the man who now occupies "The People's Seat"
Rode into town in his ol' pickup truck
Leaving Madame Coakley plain out of luck

No longer can the Democrats thwart a filibuster
(Got to admit their candidate was viewed as quite lackluster)
She won't soon forget Curt Schilling played for the Red Sox
Her gaffes as problematic as that VP of Barack's

The guy who was so comfortable posing in the buff
Just made passage of the health bill substantially more rough
He may have been crowned Cosmo's "sexiest man"
Now he's set to toss Ted's legacy right into the can

Celinda Lake phoned HuffPost -- D.C. Dems she did scold
Laying blame for the election of this one-time centerfold
While his supporters are up partying (and drinking lots of Tea!)
Team blue now fears the midterms won't go so swimmingly

To lose the only state that voted McGovern over Nixon
Must alert the party leaders that their agenda needs some fixin'
Though Axelrod would not admit this was a repudiation
Democrats could not conceal their growing trepidation

This loss should be "a wake-up call," warned Senator Evan Bayh
A sign that for his party something's clearly gone awry
Schumer opined the focus should be on the "middle class"
Perhaps this line of thinking might have won the race in Mass.

Jim Webb said no more healthcare votes till Mr. Brown is seated
(Kirk could provide the 60th now, before the bill's defeated)
And Nelson, of Nebraska, with members of the GOP
Called on our Commander for bipartisan strategy

One hopes this stunning upset win for the Senator-elect
Precipitates, tout de suite, a bit of course-correct
"The work goes on, the cause endures," no truer words have been spoken
Inside the Beltway, time has come to fix that which is broken!