04/30/2013 06:22 pm ET Updated Jun 30, 2013

Miguel Palma on the ImageBlog

PAYS/SCOPE (2012), Metallic structure, cement foundations, mirror, 180 x 580 x 180 cm. Photograph by Atelier Miguel Palma

Pays/scope was a piece commissioned for Marseille Provence 2013 - European Capital of Culture.
It consists of a tower, around 20 feet high, with a circular rotating mirror on top. This orange-coated tower is first going to be exhibited at Mont Saint-Victoire, where I have my studio, and will be observed by a very potent telescope, pointed at the mirror. One is going to be able to observe the landscape all around as if one were at the place where the tower is.

Unlike Cézanne, I can be inspired by the mountain, even without leaving my working space. It resembles a web-cam, positioned in a place with a very nice view, only less digital and much more complex, manual and beautiful to operate!