09/19/2012 12:57 pm ET Updated Nov 19, 2012

Slow Playing The Whale

With 48 days to go before the presidential election, we need to dial down our narrative hysteria over Romney/Ryan's careening choo-choo, and just let it derail of its own confused accord. Those of us who see how the ol' R& R has completely uncoupled from reality don't ride that line anyway, we're not on that train. Why are we screaming as if we are?

This latest Mitt Romney scenario, where he said the clueless thing and followed it up by doing something stupid? And now we are all screaming about it like this doesn't happen all the time? Like we never knew Rich Dudes sat in mansions with other Rich Dudes and plotted how to get more?

Chillax. Remain calm. Be patient. Breathe. Focus on something else for awhile. If you're fishing you can't have eyes only for your line. If you're baking, you don't have to stay in the kitchen the entire time.

Let it go, like we are poker pros slow playing a drunken whale. We don't have to raise the bet, the whale will do that for us. We have seen enough of his bets by now to know they will be ill-advised. Let him make more. We do not have to force the play or comment. All we gotta do is call, and the whale will be right where we want him, come the Fall.

Let it go, like we are farmers waiting for the harvest, in, oh, 48 days give or take. Not every narrative has to pay off in every news cycle, by golly. Every time we pass along a "this clinches it" story, we harvest early, and open the door to another "oh, no it doesn't" story. This field of distortion still has seven weeks to run its course, and Nature, a.k.a. The Media, ain't a-gonna let it be otherwise, you mark my words.

Let it go, like we are artists cajoling the muse, with no expectation of when she will smile. The statue does not emerge from the stone with one swing of the hammer. The song doesn't reveal itself in one rendition. And the vision of an Obama second term will not yield to any one stroke of Romney's brush, no matter how dripping with Clueless Oligarch White it is.