10/13/2015 10:04 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2016

Traveling With Your Tunes

The best way we have found to avoid soulless airline playlists and irritating (but meant to be soothing) elevator music AND to block out the sounds that push our buttons is to travel with our own tunes and the gear to deliver them. Personal preference dictates whether you are an earbud or headphone person or choose to be plugged in or wireless, so we have found options to support all camps. We've also kept an eye out for a handful of items that keep your equipment accessible and organized. If your plans include heading out for a run each morning of your trip, psyching yourself up for an interview or presentation, or just swaying to the soundtrack of your life as you make your way to the boarding gate, make sure to bring along your most-loved songs and the trappings to keep them playing.

Bring Along the Soundtrack of Your Life