03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Is Your Blood Boiling at the Big Bankers? Go to Chicago

Have you seen the latest stories about the profits and bonuses of the biggest banks on Wall Street? Are they going out of their way to try to piss everyone off? Are they intentionally thumbing their nose at democracy to make it clear that they can and will get away with anything they want?

If you want to do something about it, I'd recommend going to Chicago next week. The American Bankers Association -- which as far as I can tell is a wholly owned subsidiary of Goldman Sachs opposed to all those small independent banks that are still trying to lend to customers and are getting badly hurt in the real economy -- is doing their big convention in Chicago next week. And you know what? Thousands of regular folks are showing up to crash their party. Planners of these protests, which is called the Showdown in Chicago, have all kinds of things planned- marches, rallies, direct actions, and some really cool stuff I've been sworn to secrecy on. It will be fun and deadly serious all at the same time. Check out their website at They have all kinds of people coming -- workers, farmers, students, retirees, religious leaders. Busloads from all over the country of people coming to raise hell.

These big bankers need to understand that they are in for a fight, that we are not going to let them wreck our economy and our democracy without an all out, no holds barred battle. Show up for the Showdown in Chicago. You will be glad you did.