04/16/2014 04:07 pm ET Updated Jun 16, 2014

Taxpocalypse Now

The modern conservative movement has become obsessed with eliminating all taxes all the time on anyone who isn't poor. They think people too poor to pay income taxes should pay a lot more, but apparently anyone who has been successful in any way should not be forced to pay. In their Ayn Rand-y fantasy world, the leeches on society should be the ones who have to pay the minimal taxes needed, and the wealthy can take care of their own police, fire, and education.

Sadly, this kind of morally twisted and economically unviable world is already here in some places. So in a new video my organization, American Family Voices, just released for tax day, that is the kind of world we imagined. It wasn't hard, because it is already happening in so many places: homes burning down because firefighters only put out fires they are paid to put out; gated communities with their own private police forces; Wall Street self-regulating themselves into a financial panic and bailout. It is an ugly world out there, and it will only get uglier if the conservative movement gets its way.

Several friends of mine have emailed me after seeing this video to tell me how scary it was. I hope so, that is the point. Check it out for yourselves and then join us in fighting to end corporate loopholes and fight back against radically anti-government and anti-tax theories: