10/21/2008 05:10 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Top Targeted States

Cross-posted on OpenLeft

I have been asked by a number of donors, as well as some people deciding where to go for GOTV, what the most important overall states to put money into at the end (either to state parties, ballot initiatives in the states, or outside organizational projects). Here's my list of the top states overall at this stage of the race:

1. Ohio. Dead heat in the Presidential, four-to-six big Congressional races, State House in play.

2. Florida. Close in the Presidential, up to seven Congressional districts in play.

3. Virginia. Close in the Presidential, three Congressionals in play.

4. Colorado. Close in the Presidential, contested Senate race (although moving strong in our favor), one big Congressional race.

5. North Carolina. Close in the Presidential, contested Senate race, one big Congressional race.

6. Missouri. Close in the Presidential, governor's mansion up for grabs, two big Congressionals.

7. Nevada. Close in the Presidential, one big Congressional, State Senate up for grabs.

8. Indiana. Close in the Presidential, big governor's race, State House up for grabs.

That's all I'm going to list for now. Lots of other states have at least one major thing going on, but these seven strike me as the ones that have multiple important things happening, and they all matter in the Presidential.