HuffPost Exclusive : Flying Machines' "Citizens Of The World"

"Citizens Of The World" is a song, a video documentary, and a vision of international cultural exchange. Written by emerging NYC band Flying Machines, "Citizens Of The World" was performed in five different languages by multi-platinum artists from China, India, Africa, Algeria, and America. It was captured on video and in a documentary directed by Harry Winer now showing on public broadcasting stations across the U.S.

The idea for this unique collaboration began with Bassam Abdallah, CEO of Paris-based Equus-World, a multinational business enterprise dedicated to creating products and media that build bridges between people and cultures. Through the interviews and music captured in the "Citizens..." video and documentary, we see how these artists created not only great entertainment, but a new approach to sharing music and media in the 21st century. By this group of artists coming together from around the world (organized by Spencer Proffer and Dawn Elder), they prove the point expressed in the song--"no borders on our soul," as in there is truly nothing that should separate us when it comes to creativity.

HuffPost was selected by all involved for the U.S. premiere of the original English language version. It is performed by the ambitious Flying Machines, was produced and arranged by Spencer Proffer, and made available by Equus-World.

Additionally, The Wall Street Journal just published a story which highlighted the five language "global version" of "Citizens..." this past Friday. And Flying Machines just won the Best Rock Video and Director awards at the World Music International Film Festival.

For more information on this project:

Flying Machines' video of "On A Whim," winner of the World Music International Film Festival's Best Rock Video and Director awards: