02/14/2014 02:02 pm ET Updated Apr 16, 2014

The Importance of Receiving Appreciation

My 40th birthday was amazing! I received such beautiful blessings from so many people in my life - it was exciting, wonderful, humbling, and a bit overwhelming. As touched and honored as I was (and still am) by all of the appreciation I got, I also noticed there were moments when it was challenging for me to fully receive the appreciation and let it in.

How do you feel about receiving appreciation? While most of us enjoy being appreciated, it can actually be challenging and vulnerable to receive the love and gratitude that others have for us at times.  However, receiving appreciation is one of the most important things we can do to empower ourselves, the people around us, and the communities in which we engage.

In this week's video blog (aka vlog), I talk about why it can be difficult to fully receive appreciation, and how we can expand our capacity to do so. Feel free to leave a comment about how this relates to you and your life here on my blog.