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'Bullet To The Head': How Many People Get A Bullet To The Head During 'Bullet To The Head'? (And 24 Other Urgent Questions)

bullet to the head

Sylvester Stallone (Rhinestone) has a new movie coming out this weekend called Bullet to the Head. How many people get a bullet to the head in Bullet to the Head? Here, we answered every question that you could possibly have about Bullet to the Head.

Q: How many people get a bullet to the head in Bullet to the Head?

A: Eleven. (I think.)

Q: How many times is the phrase "bullet to the head" spoken in Bullet to the Head?

A: Once.

Q: How does "Bullet to the Head" start?

A: With a bullet through the Warner Bros. logo.

Q: Is Bullet to the Head filled with ethnic jokes about people of Asian ancestry?

A: Stallone plays a man by the name of Jimmy Bobo who is not opposed to an occasional racial slur.

Q: Is Bullet to the Head a story about Jimmy facing his own demons, finally coming to grasp with the ethnic stereotypes he incorporates into his daily life? Is the "bullet" in the title a metaphor for cultural acceptance?

A: No. Jimmy Bobo is a hitman.

Q: Who is Jimmy hired to kill?

A: The film starts with Jimmy and his partner, Louis (Jon Seda), killing a man in a New Orleans hotel room.

Q: How is the target killed?

A: A bullet to the head.

Q: Does this particular hit come back to haunt Jimmy and Louis?

A: After the hit is complete, a new hit is put on Jimmy and Louis to tie up loose ends. The hit on Louis succeeds.

Q: Does Louis get a bullet to the head?

A: Louis gets a knife to the lung. (Which, yes, would be a dandy name for the sequel.)

Q: After Louis is killed, does Jimmy vow revenge?

A: Not really. A police officer from D.C. named Taylor Kwan (Sung Kang) is investigating these killings and knows that some very powerful people are involved and they are much more important than a hitman for hire. Kwan has to convince Jimmy to help -- but Jimmy resists because Jimmy doesn't like cops. Eventually, the two men team up to bring down the powers that be.

Q: Who are the powers that be?

A: Well, there are some politicians and judges ... Honestly, it doesn't matter. Christian Slater is involved, though.

Q: Does Christian Slater's character get a bullet to the head?

A: What do you think?

Q: Is Jimmy's house and car wired with explosives for no apparent reason, yet these features come in handy at some point during Bullet to the Head?

A: Yes.

Q: Does Jimmy have a daughter who will be kidnapped at some point during Bullet to the Head?

A: Yes.

Q: What kind of accent does Stallone attempt in Bullet to the Head?

A: He's definitely trying something, but your guess is as good as mine. Put it this way: remember the Cloverfield monster? If you swore to me that Stallone based his accent on the Cloverfield monster, I would have a hard time not believing you.

Q: What the most unintentionally (or, perhaps, it was intentionally) funny scene in Bullet to the Head?

A: At one point there's a montage of Jimmy's arrest record, which features photo after photo of "Stallone through the years" with a mugshot placard Photoshopped into each one. Honestly, one of these photos looks like it was taken on the red carpet of a Planet Hollywood opening.

Q: Is Bullet to the Head another, "Oh, I'm old"-type movie like Arnold Schwarzenegger's bomb, The Last Stand?

A: Stallone wisely puts the tired, "Oh, I'm old," shtick away and instead just pretends like he's a man who's not going to turn 67 later this year.

Q: Walter Hill directed Bullet to the Head. What is your favorite Walter Hill movie?

A: Brewster's Millions.

Q: Is Bullet to the Head a good movie?

A: Good God, no.

Q: Is Bullet to the Head strangely enjoyable?

A: Strangely, yes. As opposed to Stallone's overly convoluted and messy Expendables movies, if nothing else, Bullet to the Head knows what it wants to be: a bad movie starring Sylvester Stallone that ends with an ax fight.

Q: How many times during Bullet to the Head did you feel an overwhelming sense of guilt for enjoying Bullet to the Head?

A: Three times.

Q: If you're going to be blurbed in this weekend's commercials for Bullet to the Head, what do you hope is used?

A: "You will feel an overwhelming sense of guilt for enjoying Bullet to the Head!" Mike Ryan - The Huffington Post

Q: Is there a climatic ax fight between Stallone and the guy who played Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones?

A: Yes.

Q: What's the most ridiculous thing to happen during Bullet to the Head?

A: That.

Q: Does the ax fight end with someone getting a body part chopped off?

A: Even though axes are the main weapons used during this fight, you might want to check out the title of this movie one more time.

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