01/09/2012 02:32 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'SNL' With Charles Barkley: Who Scored Big In Week 11 Relevancy Poll?

Last week, I wrote a piece about Taran Killam being the future of "SNL." So of course in the Charles Barkley-hosted episode, which featured 13 segments, Killam was barely seen. I'm kind of kidding when I write this, but I could almost picture Lorne Michaels getting wind of that piece and deciding, "Oh, yeah, 'Future Boy,' enjoy your two minutes of airtime this week." So, yes, sorry about that, Taran. And, with that, away we go to this week's poll...

1. Slick Rick Diehl (Last Week: 14) Brittain's Lord Wyndemere is back! I just love this guy. In my vision of a utopian society, either Lord Wyndemere or "Sex" Ed Vincent would in some way be a part of every single "SNL." Also, with the return of Wyndemere, Brittain officially has his second recurring sketch. Also, "Joann's Announcement" was fairly dead on arrival until Brittain showed up.

2. Ted Hennessey (Last Week: 4) I really do feel that I'm in the minority when it comes to Nicholas Fehn. Are there other fans of Fehn, or is it just Fred Armisen and myself? Actually, I belong to a Nicholas Fehn Facebook club that has, as of right now, 15 members. So, as far as I know, we are 15 strong and counting! Also, Armisen made a strong showing with a sketch featuring a talking Mayan calendar.

3. Travis (Last Week: 3) It was an awfully strange show for Samberg. For a night that was pretty much dominated by Charles Barkley's presence, Samberg got three solo sketches on the air (going on the assumption that ESPN Bowl Madness was his, too). Though none of them were particularly well received.

4. Ron Jeremy (Last Week: 12) Good grief, Moynihan is so good at the reaction shot. Going back to my vision of a utopian society, every single sketch would have a Moynihan reaction shot -- every single one. Even during the musical performance, I want to see what Bobby Moynihan's face looks like. Also, Drunk Uncle!

5. Tony Dingle (Last Week: 11) What a nice week for Pharoah. Though he had no true starring roles, he actually felt like a true member of the cast -- not just around to do a few impressions. Put it this way: By the end of the show, I wasn't surprised to see Jay Pharoah show up in a sketch. This is the first time in his two seasons that I have had that reaction.

6. Kristy Bends (Last Week: 2) Wiig had a sneakily strong-ish week. I don't think Wiig gets enough credit for this because when she dominates the show, boy, she dominates the show. But she can be so great at playing sane, normal characters. On the surface, it feels like she had a quiet week, though she was in four sketches. I mean this as a compliment.

7. Dean Dwyer (Last Week: 8) Even if it's just a photo, it's always nice to see Meyers in a sketch. You know, I get the feeling that Meyers doesn't particularly miss being in sketches, but I wish he would do them more often.

8. Ricky Stroker (Last Week: 7) Bill Hader was certainly around, but, other than co-starring in Chantix, it was night of supporting roles.

9. Mac Stevens (Last Week: 9) Kenan played the character of Charles Barkley right in front of Charles Barkley, which is never really funny. It's just awkward. He also showed up in "White People Problems" and "Mayan Calendar."

10. Mike (Last Week: 6) I'm not convinced, yet, that Lord Wyndemere would be half as funny without Jason Sudeikis' father character.

11. Susan St. Nips (Last Week: 13) No major appearances this week for Bayer with her biggest role being in "Joann's Announcement."

12. Tristan Fun (Last Week: 1) Again, sorry, Taran.

13. Misty Bush (Last Week: 10) The good news: Abby Elliott was the only cast member to have two roles in "Adult Video Awards." The bad news: Other than a brief appearance in "White People Problems," that was it.

14. Alison Plow (Last Week: 5) At least Pedrad got the chance to play three different incarnations of her character in "Adult Video Awards," but, sadly, this was about it for her night.

15. Lil' Chip (Last Week: N/A) Not a great week for Lil' Chip. Hopefully, next week he can rebound.

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