04/16/2012 01:06 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'SNL' With Josh Brolin: Relevancy Poll Week 19

Didn't it feel like "SNL" just came back from a long hiatus? Now it's already gone again for another three weeks (returning May 5). If Kristen Wiig, Jason Sudeikis and Andy Samberg really are leaving at the end of the season, it appears that the Greatest Hits tour is already in full swing. With only three shows remaining, off we go to Week 19's Poll!

1. Andy Samberg (Last Week: 10) Not one, but two digital shorts. And Jorma Taccone even returned to direct "Laser Cats 7" ... Not to mention Samberg's turn as a 13-year-old boob-loving "Game of Thrones" consultant. It appears that Samberg has decided not to leave quietly.

2. Jay Pharoah (Last Week: 14) Pharoah was everywhere this week. Every so often, Pharoah will take over the show like he did this past Saturday, but then he'll disappear during the following three shows. Let's hope that trend ends.

3. Taran Killam (Last Week: 3) As I declared back in January, it's becoming quite obvious that the keys to the show are being handed over to Taran.

4. Jason Sudeikis. (Last Week: 2) Man, Sudeikis is going to ride out the Romney train until his last show, isn't he?

5. Fred Armisen (Last Week: 5) Without "Garth and Kat" next season, perhaps this means there will be more appearances from Nicholas Fehn.

6. Kristen Wiig (Last Week: 1) Now that the Greatest Hits tour stopped at "Garth and Kat," "Penelope" and (hopefully) "Two A-Holes" are still left for the encore.

7. Bill Hader (Last Week: 8) I get the feeling that Hader is going to step aside a bit as this season winds down, making room for his departing co-stars.

8. Vanessa Bayer (Last Week: 11) A lot of "straight man" roles for Bayer this week. Which is interesting because even with Wiig leaving, it appears that McKinnon will be picking up a lot of the slack on the "wacky" type characters.

9. Bobby Moynihan: (Last Week: 7) Sure, he sold the hell out of his "Empire State of Mind" dance. But Moynihan's highlight this week was playing a crestfallen George R. R. Martin.

10. Nasim Pedrad (Last Week: 12) I really enjoy Nasim, but I do not enjoy her Kim Kardashian -- for no other reason than I find it just as annoying as the real person. Perhaps that's the point.

11. Seth Meyers (Last Week: 13) I just don't get what's going on with "Update." I mean, I love "Update," but I don't like "Update" at this supersonic pace that Meyers has set for the last few shows. Perhaps too many sketches were being cut for time near the end of the show? Regardless, having "Update" suffer in exchange does not seem like a reasonable trade off.

12. Kenan Thompson (Last Week: 10) A few supporting roles and that's it. I do really hope that we see "What's Up With That?" again this season. Please make this happen, Kenan. Please do not let Sudeikis leave the show without letting him dance in his red tracksuit one last time.

13. Kate McKinnon (Last Week: 6) The good news is, even though her airtime was quite a bit less than last week's debut, she was still very much around.

14. Abby Elliott (Last Week: 4) If it weren't for Kesha (I refuse to spell it "Ke$ha), Elliott may have been shut out this week.

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