10/24/2014 08:11 pm ET Updated Dec 24, 2014

The Life You Want


Imagine waking up everyday ready to conquer the world. Looking great and feeling great. No headaches, backaches or the medication to prevent them. Full of energy and drive. Ready to get better at the things you know, and learn more about the things you don't. Excited to see your family because they bring happiness and looking forward to your work because it has purpose. Doing what feels rights and enjoying each moment. Talking and listening, standing and walking, sleeping and napping. Visiting friends and having friends visit you, making eye contact and physical contact, enjoying the outdoors and connecting with nature.

Is this not what we all want?

Then why aren't we making it happen?

Because we're too busy? Because we hate our job? Because it's inefficient?

Nothing that's good for your body and soul is a waste of time. Especially when it comes to developing relationships with other human beings and facilitating your long-term health.

Deep down we all want to look good, feel good, connect with other people, and enjoy life. Sadly, most of us make decisions and prioritize useless tasks that prevent us from doing so.

The only thing preventing you from the life you want is YOU.

Get off your pocket computer, go for a walk with a friend, turn off the t.v., talk to your wife and kids, and stop putting garbage in your body. Jobs come and go, money doesn't matter in the end, your Facebook friends don't like you, and the only way to premium performance is with premium fuel.

A lack of importance on your health and relationships now, may mean a lack of health and relationships when they're most important. Decide what matters, plan your perfect life, and start living it!

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