05/22/2010 03:27 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Pete Sessions, NRCC Chair, With Racial Profiler, Discriminating Doctor

On May 15, Pete Sessions was in Orlando, Florida to rally his troops with several Republicans vying to win the primary for Florida's 8th CD (currently held by Democrat, Alan Grayson).

One of those Republicans was Dan Fanelli (I've flagged him in the video). Fanelli is the guy that ran ads (no longer on YouTube because he never paid the producer, who retained the copyright) suggesting that common sense requires racial profiling at airports.

The guy speaking in the video is Dr. Jack Cassell, the Florida urologist that told Obama voters to seek treatment elsewhere.

After the rally concluded, I asked Sessions if he thought a viable path to defeating health care would be for more doctors to refuse to treat Obama voters and other Democrats. Sessions told me that doctors hate the bill and want it repealed. I asked him if he agreed with Fanelli that the country should be taking an extra hard look at brown and tan people at our nation's airports. He told me that Fanelli never suggested such a thing.