11/30/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Republicans and Their Strategic Fainting Spells

The minor dust-up in the House of Representatives today is a "controversy" over some hyperbolic rhetoric used by Alan Grayson, a freshman Democrat. Grayson, a favorite amongst progressives for his Howard Dean-ish traits of plain-spokenness and contempt for village protocol, spoke on the House floor and said that the Republican health care plan was "Don't get sick." And if you do? "Die quickly."

Here is the YouTube:

Of course, today Republicans are running about like headless Chicken Littles, telling anyone that will listen how mean and nasty Representative Grayson's comments were.

Funny, when I asked scores of Republicans what they thought about Rush Limbaugh's comments regarding Nazism -- specifically that Nancy Pelosi had a lot in common with Adolph Hitler and that ObamaCare -- nationalized medicine -- is akin to Nazi policy, well, the very same folks so upset today had very little to say: