06/07/2013 02:54 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Stolen Moment of the Week: Thomas Lennon after UCB



Thomas Lennon
The Molly Wee Pub, 402 8th Ave New York, NY
June 3, 2013
I will tell y'all a little secret. Any week Comedy Central tapings are going on in town is a good week to get off the couch and go to almost any New York comedy show. Comics are arriving a few days early to work out sets before the taping and it's a real fun time to see your favorite comedians bringing their A game in a small room, usually unannounced. This week the John Oliver tapings were going on and all around town you could check out some majorly great work, usually for free. This week's Whiplash guests were James Adomian, Seth Herzog, Emily Heller, Thomas Lennon, Morgan Murphy, Rory Scovel, Ron Funches, Pete Holmes, and Aziz Ansari. All but two of them were running Oliver sets one last time before their tapings.

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