How to Make Your Wedding Feel Like Home

When you think of a celebrity wedding, you probably think glitz, glamour and sparkle. But believe it or not, many celebs these days are looking for a more homespun, personal affair. It's a trend that's catching on for many couples--whether famous or not!

Stars like Jenna Dewan Tatum and Jimmy Kimmel have embraced this down-home feeling as of late, and it's something you too can create for your special day. Here are a few pro-tips on how to achieve this bohemian elegance.

  • Create an intimate atmosphere. Infusing your personality into the wedding will inspire a feeling of warmth and familiarity. Try custom signage with tidbits of your love story, a DIY photo booth with meaningful props, or hand out monogrammed shawls and blankets as your wedding favor to keep guests warm and cozy in their comfortable, but elegant cocktail attire as the temperature drops.
  • Go for that "backyard-inspired" vibe. The backyard wedding is the epitome of the down-home wedding but not everyone has the outdoor space for this to be a possibility! You can always bring the outdoors in with flowers, hanging plants, ivy-filled lattices and more. And don't forget about the ceilings! When darkness falls, twinkle lights or glass orbs hanging from up above can help can help give your indoor venue an outside patio feel.
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    (Photo courtesy of Meg Smith)

  • Fill your menu with comfort food. While it's tempting to pick a fancy, elaborate menu, a simple menu with family favorites is something you and your guests will truly enjoy. Dinner featuring classic comfort foods like sliders or Southern-inspired cuisine can still be elegant and enjoyable. It's also a darling way to pay tribute to a family member who has passed away - feature their homemade pasta or favorite dessert.
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    (Photo courtesy of Tiffany Rose/Getty Images)

  • Opt for more casual fashion. You'll still want to look your best on your wedding day but a large ball gown or formal tux might detract from the relaxed vibe you're going for. A simpler silhouette with a vintage flair will really seal in your theme. Feeling bold? Try a tea-length gown!
  • Keep the décor simple. You'll want your décor to be simple, but not bare. Instead of going overboard, pick some key items that will really stand out. Think long, ornate wooden tables with beautiful china, lush but low centerpieces and place cards with gorgeous calligraphy. Rustic lanterns can also provide some romantic lighting, whether you're indoors or out.

(Photo courtesy of Dennis Kwan Photography)

The most important thing is to make sure the wedding feels like you regardless of the color scheme, décor or menu you select. After all, a wedding should be a true reflection of the happy couple and a celebration of their love. But what better way to create a day that feels so special and truly intimate, than a backyard-style wedding?