01/08/2014 07:07 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

15 Amazing Photos of Daily Life Around the World

For many travelers exploring the far reaches of our planet, it's tempting to focus exclusively on the sights, museums, beaches, and bars while overlooking the very thing that breathes life into these amazing places: the people. That's why today we're presenting these beautiful photos shared by real travelers on to show the beautiful and diverse treasure found in simple everyday life around the world.


Sapa Valley, Vietnam - The Hmong People are an ethnic minority spread throughout the hills of Southeast Asia and southern China. Here, women gather at a market in a Hmong village set among the lush rice terraces of northern Vietnam's Sapa Valley. (Photo by David B. Blanco)

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Fars, Iran - A young boy awaits classes in a Qashqai village near Shiraz in southern Iran. The Qashqai, one of Iran's most prominent nomadic groups, rely on shepherding in the fertile valleys around Fars and are renowned in Iran for their weaving skills. (Photo by Nima Fallahi)

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Sesimbra, Portugal - An hour south of Lisbon, the fishing village of Sesimbra is a charming enclave of rugged and sun-beaten beauty that culminates in the lighthouse of Cape Espichel. Here, a local girl skips to join her family for a sunset over the ocean. (Photo by Carolina G. Arce)

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Betwa River, India - As the Betwa River winds through the town of Orchha, entire families and solitary holy men cross through the ruined castles on the riverbanks and descend into the water to wash, pray, and play. (Photo by Jorge Rapallo)

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Fes, Morocco - Ancient tanneries like this one in Fes are found throughout the medinas of Morocco and produce many of Morocco's famed leather goods. While the work is grueling, especially under the midday sun, these tanneries have become tourist attractions in recent years. (Photo by Leo A. Del Valle)

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Bordeaux, France - A man and his daughter cool off in the Bordeaux Mirror, a large shallow pool which reflects the impressive façade of the La Bourse and provides refreshing blasts of cool mist in summertime. (Photo by Victor Lara)

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Baringo Lake, Kenya - The wealth of water birds, hippos, and crocodiles makes Baringo Lake one of Kenya's most interesting yet unknown natural wonders. In this shot, local men bid good morning as they cross the lake on makeshift rafts. (Photo by Ignacio Izquierda)

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Kyoto, Japan - The ancient city of Kyoto is known for its Zen gardens, historic shrines, and traditional atmosphere, but one of its defining characteristics are the elegant sakura, or cherry blossoms, which line the city's tranquil canals and provide a meeting place for locals. (Albert V. Rovira)

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Shanghai, China - Plump steamed dumplings are a Shanghai specialty, and nowhere makes them better than the legendary Nanxiang Restaurant. Here's a glimpse into the busy kitchen preparing thousands of buns by hand for an eager line stretching down the block. (Photo by Juanjo Fontanet)

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Havana, Cuba - A solitary street performer warms up in front of a famous mural depicting life in colonial Havana, simultaneously highlighting the deep contrasts and essence of modern Cuba. (Photo by Cristina Ordiales)

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Pokhara, Nepal - Nepal is a country known for its vivid colors and rugged way of life, two characteristics that are on display in the lush rice terraces surrounding the Phewa Lake in Pokhara. (Photo by Iñaki I. Ortega)

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Cefalu, Italy - A neighbor has a morning chat with a produce vendor in a small square in Cefalu on Sicily's northern coast. Despite Cefalu's popularity as a tourist destination, inhabitant's life continues as it has for decades. (Photo by Gsus)

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Lhasa, China - Although currently under Chinese rule, Lhasa is the spiritual center of Tibet and home to a large community of monks. While monastical life is synonymous with austerity, tickles of modernity can be seen popping up in this high and holy city. (Photo by Laura Hidalgo)

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Folegandros, Greece - An elderly local woman takes a break in the shade as two tourists explore Folegandros' Kastro, a historic center built among the ruins of an old Venetian castle perched high on the seaside cliffs. (Photo by Naxos)

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Omo River Valley, Ethiopia - The Omo River Valley straddles the borders of Kenya, Ethiopia, and Sudan and as one of the least developed parts of Africa is home to upwards of 15 nomadic tribes. Here, village children in Asela, Ethiopia strike poses for the camera. (Photo by Alfonso N. Tappero)

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