03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Holiday Shopping: Santas and Ponies

The droves of Christmas shoppers scurrying through the stores at holiday time are a interesting sight to see -- entire families packed into their Audi wagons head to the city where shopping is supreme. It almost reminds me of the cartoon The Jetsons, where well dressed, high-brow people often become manic if their 'shopping mind' takes over. I can't say I don't love it, the holidays. It brings all sorts of new sights and sounds. And there is order; the Chaos theory suggests there is no real lack of 'order.' 'Chaos' actually applies to specific laws, mainly the laws of 'shopping' in this case. I know Edward Lore didn't have shopping in mind when he discovered chaos theory, but the fact that it follows the two main components of the theory, I figure, makes it fit.

1. Chaos is actual order underneath, every shopper has an agenda or is in the mall for a reason. 2. Simple and small behaviors or events can cause large complex behaviors or events ... hmmm ... well that would be the butterfly effect ... if a shopper shops in San Francisco, the effect is Christmas shopping in India? Okay, don't laugh, there is truth to that. I was in India two years ago during Christmas time and there were Santas and reindeer where there shouldn't be. It was so surreal; here I am in the middle of Bombay, slums to my left, Santas to my right. Odd? I think so.

On a detour from my gym, which is located right in the center of the shopping mess, I decided to take a little stroll to see just how busy the stores were. Understanding I would get caught between motivated serious shoppers at times, I decided my detour to my car was worth it, if not to gauge how serious shoppers were, at least a mental picture of 'the holiday shopper.' I was clearly at a loss to navigate without proper assistance, maybe I could grab that brand dressed group of women, bright lipstick, tight jeans, big hair ... ummm ... no they probably weren't city folk and didn't know 'the real' deals. I walked by an unctuous gum-pusher, free hits of Wrigleys' new gum, goo in the middle. Yum? Could she help me, she looked hip enough, like she knew something, so I asked. "Where should I go for the 'real' deals? Have you done any shopping around here?' I said with a smile. Bingo, she pointed me to Ferragamo, who is coincidentally having a huge sale for Christmas. OMG, am I getting sucked into the 'shopping mind' created by greasy car salesmen types who appropriate my desire to possess. I'm sure I need that $3,000 purse that's made of pony and just went on sale to a cool $2,000. Oh don't judge, you love ponies too.