05/27/2014 02:31 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Does Your Skull Spell Love? An Exploration of Our Skeletal Vocabulary


If your bones were words, what would they say?
What we take in -- food, thoughts, emotions -- gets metabolized. We're made of that which we consume, on every level. We're creating ourselves every day.

We're condensed energy. Winzipped stardust.
It's time we put that magic to good use. 

So do your ribs read embrace?
Do your legs suggest kindness and progress?
Does your spine spell flexibility, pride, honesty, health, and beauty?
Do your fingers communicate trust, connection, courage, tenderness, nourishment, healing, attentiveness, support, creativity, and peace?
Does your skull spell love?

If your bones are fractured you can help them repair by bringing gratitude back into your life. It's a sound foundation to build on. Be truly grateful for what you've got; it's there to teach you something.

See your bones made up of words you delight in. Be as granular or universal as you like but be sure to create a skeletal vocabulary for yourself. You can sketch it, color it. Putting ideas on paper creates grooves in your brain, pathways you want to ride on. At the beach, draw your skeletal vocabulary in the sand. Play. Explore. Enjoy.

When you become fluent in your new language you'll never be lost again.