02/10/2015 01:19 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Free Your Mind: Why You Are Not What You Eat


It's vital to nourish your body, and that's exactly why it's wise to not identify with what you eat.

"I'm vegan."
"I'm paleo."
"I'm raw."
"I'm an omnivore."
"I'm a fruitarian."
"I'm a pescetarian."

Once you merge your identity with a diet, you're locked in.

What if your nutritional needs change (and they will)? What if you've been vegan for eight years and now your body's craving organic eggs from pasture-raised hens and wild-caught Alaskan salmon? What if you've been a proud paleo and all of a sudden you're sick and tired of meat? What if you've been raw for a decade and all you really want is cooked pasta with steamed veggies? What if you've linked your personhood to your plate?

Give yourself room to explore.

Uncouple your identity from your diet.

Free your name from your nosh.

Ease in to your wholeness.

Our food needs to be sustainable, ethical, and conscious, that's a given. We can only thrive if we live mindfully, and that most certainly includes what we eat and drink.

But free your mind, my friend. Our nutritional needs are ever-evolving according to the phases of our lives.

Be open.

Allow in a fresh perspective.

Choose again.

Let life surprise you.