08/04/2014 03:01 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Honor Your Elimination


Every princess pees and poops several times every day, if her digestive tract is healthy. So why are we being uptight about our needs?

Society and media have done an effective job at disconnecting us from vibrant health and well-being by first constructing and glamorizing flawlessness, and then ostracizing our very nature. The notion of shame associated with elimination runs deep. Many of us feel uncivilized, undesirable, and downright dirty when our body releases toxins and waste matter in the form of bowel movements.

What we need is a thorough paradigm shift:
Honor your elimination. Be grateful that your body is cleaning house. Praise her.
Connect with her and understand which foods and thoughts encourage vitality, and which ones bloat you up and drag you down. When we change our approach to waste elimination from 'indifferent' at best to genuinely life-affirming, we allow our body to become our greatest teacher.

Our body is intelligence.
Our body is magnificence.
Our body is love.

When individuals change, society will change. Go ahead, live in harmony with nature - and be in awe of life's ease and grace.