05/07/2014 06:11 pm ET Updated Jul 06, 2014

In Light of Knowing: The Earth Day Effect

For many of us, Earth Day is every day; for others, April 22, 2014 offered a great opportunity to connect more deeply with Mother Earth.

Our skin on her skin, we ground, recharge, rejuvenate. We intend to tread lightly to keep her vibrant. Let's plant a tree or two, or flowers, some bushes, and show her that we can let her thrive again.

Gaia's home to our mysteries; her wise beauty's the answer to all our prayers.
Step outside & listen.

In light of knowing what I know to be true, I wrote a poem that may spark you to root back to the unique code within you, that ancient, exquisite pattern put together by the universe.

growing up
we try with all our might to
squeeze the distinctness out of our pores
only to
years later
that that strange phosphorescence
source's kiss in every cell
lets us shine the brightest

Remember the vibrance of your phosphorescence, dear one, and let Earth Gaia Mama help you radiate that ancient, exquisite pattern of yours.