03/09/2015 03:35 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Move It: Why a Clean Gut and Home Determine Your Level of Success


One of the most overlooked ways of optimizing your health and success is to flush anything, anything, out of your home that doesn't serve a purpose. The purpose can be beauty, a sweet memory. Unless the object elevates you, though, eliminate it from your experience. Donate. Dispose.

Your gut is a mirror of your outer temple. If your home is laden with the old, burdened with obligation, stuffed with dead desires... then your inner temple will reflect that. Big time. So before you reach for the enema bag, get rid of the junk in your home.

Creativity loves flow. If you have to make an effort to reach something in your home, to enter a room, or put something in its proper place, the muse won't be keen on stopping by. You need clarity around you to tap the divinity within you.

Whether you feng shui your place, hire a designer, or do everything by yourself doesn't matter, really. The key is to follow through. Once your inner and outer temple are sparkling with health and beauty, brilliance will emerge naturally.