10/20/2014 05:28 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

On Cultural Cockroaches, True Greatness and Eating the Apple


The world's upside down.

We're already great. We're already intelligent and beautiful and rich. The world keeps telling us we aren't because it keeps feeding off of our misalignment. Like a cultural cockroach would. Over time -- decades, generations, millennia -- patterns have been grooved into our consciousness... Like the idea the we are un-whole, that we need to seek greatness outside of ourselves when in truth the holy grail has been within us all along. When in truth, we are the holy grail. We are our own everything.

Unless we shift and rewrite/retell the story of greatness, the world will continue to insinuate that we're less than. Unless a significant amount of individuals realizes her/his true power, the world will keep pushing the narrative of lack so it can keep selling less than excellent thoughts and stuff.

I love the talk Eve Ensler gave at Emerging Women Live last week. She redefined the ur of all stories: Eve and the apple. Eve re-territorialized Eve's archetype from shame & oppression to celebration & freedom. "Orgasm, not ownership." Eating the apple, the 'forbidden' fruit of wisdom & power, becomes symbolic of our full embodiment of the feminine here & now, past & future. Divinely grounded in our visions for the world.

We're all Eve.
Let's turn the world right side up.
#EatTheApple & rise.