05/07/2014 03:34 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Creation of Wow


Remember your sense of wonder?

Let it rush through your cells, flood your brain and body with galaxies of excitement... Recall how it feels to witness the presence of life, how it feels to trace the silhouette of beauty with your inner eye, how it feels to inhale the spirit of wonder and exhale the meaning of wow...

When beauty is created, it can be enjoyed: From Picasso's early silver pieces to the macrame work of an artisan, what we bring forth with enthusiasm can infuse the worlds of others with joy and awe.

Let's go places: Travel shakes loose old patterns, ploughs through terrain of concern, aerates the soil so new life can emerge. Let go. Let loose. Explore.

There's a quickening of human consciousness buzzing around this planet: We're transmuting the ways we engage with fellow beings of every form. We recollect to care, cultivate, and caress. We invent, innovate, inspire; we connect, commune, compliment and complement. We re-member our alignment with the creation of wow.

Wonder and the true celebration of your uniqueness: What's on your radar rocks your worlds. The stars are shining brightly and you care to look up again. Beauty, wonder, peace, joy, love and gratitude are the building blocks of life, emotional amino acids.

If joy was your bottom line, how'd you be living? There's a rainbow of options between the hitchhiking adventurer and the high-powered CEO; and you can be both in the same lifetime. Point is, what lights you up?

You are your own greatest treasure, equipped with everything you need. Brilliance built in. What are you doing with that sparklingly magnificent life of yours?

We're as ancient as the universe and fresh as the moment we allow. True wow in motion, living wonder.