05/07/2012 05:49 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

And Life Is NOT Going to Be the Same

When was the last time you experienced something that made you feel like life is not going to be the same? I say these moments define the level of your aliveness.

...I am hanging out with a year-and-two-month-old Brooke. She can't walk by herself yet and for the past several weeks she has been thoroughly observing her twin sister's moves. Brooke can grab on to big fingers of an adult and walk like that. But this time around I'm taking away my hands. She stands for a second, semi-puzzled. And then she makes her first step by herself. And then another one. And another one.

What I found most profound in this situation is the expression on Brooke's face as she took her first step. There was joy in its purest sense. There was a clear understanding of consequences of this event -- the toddler somehow unmistakably knew that her life wasn't going to be the same...

Can I be jealous of children for a second? They are lucky to experience these transformational moments in abundance. As adults we require, for the most part, a very conscious effort to reach them. They come with awkwardness of doing something new or something old in a completely new way. And those new ways come with self-consciousness of graceless falls and embarrassments of getting up, that youngsters don't have a concern for. I've just experienced it yesterday, working for the first time in a recording studio -- but this might warrant a separate blog posting.

Looking at Brooke making her first step -- please answer in the comment section, what did you do that made you feel like life is not going to be the same?

The video is by Stephanie Woo, Brooke's & Mackenzie's mother and a founder of the wisest parenting blog Montessori on the Double.

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