03/11/2015 09:31 am ET Updated Mar 11, 2015

This Little French Bulldog Is The Art World Darling You Should Be Following

Don't you just hate that one art world socialite who's, like, always at every opening and fair and art party and is, like, always asking people to take her photo and uploading one million pictures to Instagram with hashtags like #thearmoryshow and #gallerydog? It's, like, woah, relax and please try not to drool all over the art. And, like, are you even potty trained?

Just to clarify, we're talking about a French bulldog here. She goes by the name of Miss Pickle. And as much as we may envy her, we just can't bring ourselves to loathe her adorable and highly cultured face.

Yes, of all the tiny dogs on Instagram, Miss Pickles is the most sophisticated, hitting up art fairs like they're dog parks and approaching masterpieces like they're fire hydrants. She most recently made quite the splash at this year's Armory Show in New York City, where she was recruited to help launch Artsy's inaugural Instagram event series #ArtWorldSpaces. Can you say #blessed?

The four-year-old French bulldog is the puppy child of art adviser Katie Howard, who originally trained Pickles to be able to volunteer at nursing homes. In an interview with The Daily Beast, Howard gave readers an intimate glimpse into the logic behind Pickle's refined aesthetic palette: "She loves anything that resembles dog toys."

Howard continued to explain how major galleries including Sean Kelly and Lehmann Maupin have started requesting Pickle's presence at their upcoming shows. She's also taken photos with artists including Hank Willis Thomas, Lucas Blalock, Betty Tompkins and Takashi Murakami. And she has over 3,000 Instagram followers. Meanwhile, we can barely get into an art party without experiencing a dirty look and an eye roll from the person manning the door. Not so cute anymore, is she?

Just kidding. She's so, so cute.

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