02/14/2011 03:59 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Positively Influencing the World: Arianna and HuffPost Hit A High Note

Well, hats off to Arianna Huffington! Sometimes the world gets lucky and along comes someone who is willing to put her mouth and money where her heart is, and that is what we find in Arianna Huffington. High notes are being hit and beautiful music is reigning in the land.

The one-time arch conservative who used to show up on CNN and elsewhere voicing perspectives that would make any progressive wince, somehow made a significant turn-around in her political outlook (which influenced everything else) and Arianna Huffington could then be best called a thoughtful, creative, humanitarian who is committed to educating the masses and working toward positive outcomes for the collective instead of perhaps the few, as her books and editorial style attest. (You notice that I am avoiding the use of the word "progressive" even though, in common political jargon, parlance, it would be an apt fit.)

A light went on in Arianna and whatever precipitated it, I surely want to find that on switch, bottle it and mass-market it. If we could only turn on, or rather, 'switch on' others who currently hold major positions in government and business, we would have a much more alive, exciting, sustainable, fun and equitable world. As Arianna demonstrates, this more expanded perspective that is grounded in the mind and heart, rather naturally stimulates a greater sense of understanding and appreciation of differences, a greater sense of cooperation, compassion and action.

By so rigorously following her heart to make the world a better place through all of her many efforts, this was recognized by some of her colleagues in media the short story is that this has culminated in this merger with AOL. Now the readership of the HuffPost may expand to the hundreds of millions beyond its current approximately, not shabby 28 million or so audience.

I personally applaud her in being a co-creator of this deft, creative move, which will not only reward her handsomely financially, but will also, I believe, help to permeate the populous with a more open-minded perspective on what's going on in our world, what's going on with our health, lifestyle choices, economics, politics and personal psychology. Our commercial television and radio news is so disastrously biased, omitting most of what's important, slanting stories to the benefit of big business, ignoring the horrors which 'business-as-usual' visit upon the average American and family, no one really knows much of what's really going on. We are sold news. Where's the impeccability of Walter Kronkite gone when we most need him?

Enter Huffington Post to the masses, which allows people to reach internally a little deeper to their feeling for people, a larger, deeper perspective on 'things'. This instead of just the way people murder, rape and pillage each other, which is what dominates the news, all delivered by handsome or pretty 'anchor people'. Just what are they anchoring?

Some people feel that the HuffPost-AOL merger will dampen and blunt the progressive edge of the HuffPost reportage. Why does anyone think so? Arianna remains Editor-in-Chief. There is no apparent reason whatsoever to think that that edge will be anything but be sharpened. I believe that it is because of that edge that prompted AOL to make this merger to happen at no small price. I see this is as a way to bring the more open-minded, and yes, open-hearted messages that can be found in many of the blogs at the Huffington Post to bear on a vastly larger audience. I think it's brilliant. As one of those bloggers, I so look forward to reaching many more people. So please, become a fan and leave your comments! These enrich and empower us all and provide the necessary feedback for success.

Just as Julian Assange and his Wiki-Leaks staff have brought information to bear that really belongs to the People but has been closeted among diplomats and low-level government staff for so long and has had a powerful effect on allowing the world to see 'the inner game' of politics, so the broader-minded views of the HuffPost will be now able to have a powerful effect on the People who have been largely hoodwinked or brainwashed by our commercialized media channels a few of which are actually owned by major military contractors and the others probably being in violation of anti-trust laws due to their monopolistic magnitude, power and control of the airwaves, which, believe it or not, are publicly owned. (It almost sounds like a bad joke...)

For those of you who understand time cycles or appreciate them, from an astrological point of view we are in a time of Pluto in Capricorn. This is a potent time-cycle which is marked by the collapse of all that which does not stand on the firm ground of integrity. We have seen erosion, for instance, in the Catholic Church, in Wall St. and the banking/financial industries, and even in governments around the world, most recently of course, in Tunisia and Egypt. Some say that ours isn't standing on the most stable terra firma either with our Constitution being tossed about so carelessly.

The British government was being challenged by students just a handful of months ago as was the French government. Relationships that are not based on honesty and integrity are also disintegrating at a rate 'more and faster' than before. This astrological configuration began to really kick in prior to Sept. 2008, just when then President Bush and Treasury Secretary Paulsen announced to the world what they generally referred to as 'the collapse of the financial system as we know it." In short, this is a time when "secrets are revealed", what was hidden comes to light.

In light of this, the HuffPost-AOL merger to me is a positive sign of the times. It is allowing that more truth can be revealed and hit the light of day. As Maria Callas, the brilliant Greek soprano hit the most stunningly beautiful high notes in her arias, so Arianna Huffington is also hitting some very high notes and the world is about to benefit. We may have in Arianna the Maria Callas of progressive journalism.

I still want to bottle that 'on switch' for the masses as well.