I Make Marty Peretz Apologize for Anti-Muslim Screed

After years of writing racist screeds, Martin Peretz of the New Republic finally had to apologize.

He is writing in response to the brilliant and, in my opinion, wonderful Nick Kristof who wrote a column excoriating Peretz yesterday. Kristof, to his credit, wrote in his New York Times blog that I (along with my friend, Emily Hauser) was the one who brought the Peretz piece to his attention.

This is for me the beauty of the internet and of my job with Media Matters Action Network. Thanks to the blogosphere and Media Matters Action (which moved me from working within the confines of the Jewish world to the rest of it!), I can make my own small difference in the battle against racial and religious prejudice like that which is consuming America right now.

So this column is my first, and hopefully not last, tooting my own horn. As for Peretz, I'm glad he apologized for this one column. By my count, he needs to do a few hundred more, plus sell TNR to Spencer Ackerman for $1 to get on my good side -- where I know he desperately wants to be.