07/13/2012 11:47 am ET Updated Sep 12, 2012

The Key to Being a Zen Bride on Your Big Day

It goes without saying that weddings can be outrageously stressful. Let's face it; if you are like most women, you've spent your entire life dreaming of how you're going to look and who will be the dashing groom waiting at the altar. The need to make your wedding day perfect is the reason for all the pressure. What you want is to experience pure enjoyment and to revel in each precious moment that your wedding day has in store for you. Use these helpful tips on the morning of your wedding day to guarantee a magical and centered day.

Auto-Reply is Your Friend:

Everyone will be calling you for questions, details, directions, etc. -- step away. As soon as you rise the day of your wedding, turn off your phone and place an auto-reply message on your email that reads something like, "Getting Married! I will be unavailable until (date). If you are a guest of my wedding and need immediate help, please contact (Maid/Matron of Honor with contact information) for all questions. Big Toast, Soon-to be- Mrs.____"

Have A Big Day Playlist

The right music can be kryptonite to anxiety. There are many "to-do lists" that every bride has to worry about, so having a favorite chill out/rock out mix is often overlooked for the pre-wedding primping experience. Time and time again, one of the bridesmaids is left to scramble for the bride's iPod. The bride hates almost everything she hears, which adds to her anxiety and restlessness, as well as the bridesmaid's. Program a special "Wedding Morning Playlist." Fill it with mellow songs that make you feel relaxed, then transition it to upbeat tunes to which you can shake and feel beautiful while dancing!

Two-Hour Pamper Meditation

Pampering yourself is one of the most soothing acts one can do to calm crazy nerves. Take two hours to chill, using your beauty rituals as an opportunity to meditate and visualize how you would like this day to go. Visualize your soon-to be- husband grinning from ear to ear and the radiance beaming from your happiness. This all can be done while you are applying your mask, teeth whitening strips and taking a long hot bath.

Keep "The Crazy" Out of The Bridal Suite

Through all of the excitement, brides want all of their bridesmaids, attendants, sisters, flowergirls, Mother-of the Bride and Mother-of the-Groom to be in the bridal suite, giving support on this special day. In fact, this scenario can sometimes backfire. Carefully select whom you want in the suite with you. Think about those who create solutions instead of problems. Adrenaline can get people moving in frenzied directions which can lead to idle gossip, little ones crying, complaining, and the flurry of constant questions directed at you. If you are hiring a hair and makeup team for you and your bridal party, allow them to set-up shop in your mother's or bridesmaid's room so that you can remove yourself and go back to your peaceful retreat at anytime.

Be Grateful

It is so easy to get wrapped up in drama on a high-octane day like your wedding day. You may be resentful of your soon-to-be mother-in-law's quiet insults, your sister's selfishness or your mother's overbearing energy. Or maybe you resent that certain much-needed family members and loved ones have chosen to not be so involved in your big day. Leave those thoughts alone. Don't touch them. This is the time to flip any negative resentment into sheer gratitude. Be thankful for all the people and moments that led you to this special union and moment in your life, whether they are savory or unsavory. This day is a true gift that promises endless possibilities that you will never have a chance to relive again.