02/11/2011 01:15 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

TAHRIR: History Living in Us

Brave and bloodied,
Minds worn, clothes torn,
Tired eyed- visionary women and men in Egypt's Tahrir square prayed outside on concrete.
Suddenly, they rose up.
The dictator who colonized their hopes and dreams for 30 years has stepped down.

A people's revolution, a youth, have overpowered impossibility and pessimism.
A nation, a region, a culture, a world,
Forever is changed.

Status quo powers around the world are frozen as history is living in us.
From East to West,
From the rubble of Gaza, to the shanty towns of Yemen, to the barren landscapes of Saudi Arabia,
Hope blossoms from the nothingness of the deserts,
And the winding, crowded alleys-ways of old medians and Casbahs across the Arab world.

The regimes of the developing world are pacing with fear behind their palaces and tanks and broken promises.

From the Oval Office in Washington D.C to 10 Downing Street to the Champs Elysee,
They witness, they take notes, they are in wonder:
Arabs have shown what they are willing to fight for and they brought it without a single bomb.

Those in the trenches of Al Qaeda and Taliban in South Asia, who violently exploit the helplessness and humiliation of the dis-empowered, will watch with fear and confusion.

They will see what the majority is really willing to fight for and what true faith can bring through non violent protest: Freedom, Dignity, Justice, Reform, and Human Rights.

Now the next crucial phase for sustainability begins as this paradigm shift takes root,
Forward we march, behind the people of Tahrir Square.
Forward we march as a collective humanity,

Masters of our own destiny....