07/09/2013 12:57 am ET Updated Sep 07, 2013

How to Let Go of Perfectionism

Trepidation. Fear. Exhaustion.

That's what I felt the moment I went to press on the Buddha Doodles Gratitude Journal even though I had spent several weeks in production 'perfecting' the project.

Deep down I knew that it was a great product, but I felt blinded by my own perfectionism.

And then I had to let go.

But....just how do you do that? Let it go?

Here's what worked for me:

1) Validate your truth.
"The time I've invested in this is a reflection of my love for inspiring others. I care a lot about delivering a quality product. I've brought it to a point of excellence despite my desire to continue working on it."

2) Declare what you're grateful for!!
"This will be a beautiful gift for many to receive.
I am grateful to be the vessel for inspiration."

3) Summon your wisdom.
If people are disappointed, then they're disappointed. It's a low risk investment and I know I'll learn a lot from this experience."

4) Go have fun!!!

Once you release the worry of pleasing others or the illusion that something isn't enough, you allow more magic to flow into your life. You deserve to feel that.

Today, I received the following messages from some sweet souls that ordered the Buddha Doodles Gratitude Journal:

"The books are beautiful and just make you feel happy looking at them. I'm excited for all of us to use them to remember what we have to be grateful for each day." -Denise

"I got the journals on Sat. Absolutely beautiful. My Mother-in-law loved it as a gift!"-June

"Not only are the pages filled with adorable drawings and inspirational quotes, it is an actual journal to write all you are grateful for-gratitude journal-what a great idea! - Stephanie

I hope those tools for letting go of perfectionism help out. You can order a Buddha Doodles Gratitude Journal on Amazon at