12/12/2013 04:12 pm ET Updated Feb 11, 2014

What I Learned From the Whole Obama Selfie Thing

There are many pictures that chronicle this event in history, and they're STILL going around. You mostly see the one snapped while the Obama selfie is being taken, with a disgusted Michelle looking on. But then there are many others that document the whole incident from said selfie, to Michelle huffing and puffing, to her eventually sitting between her husband (a.k.a. the President) and that blonde hussy (oh, Danish Prime Minister or whatever).

This whole situation has made me love Michelle Obama even more. Most of us have had something embarrassing like this happen to us. Well, you know, your date paying more attention to another person, NOT attending an iconic memorial with millions of people watching as it goes down. If you have ever had that happen to you, then you know that it makes you feel like garbage. In moments like these, rational thought goes out the window. Thoughts like it doesn't mean anything, we've been married for years, he's the father of my children, never cross your mind. No. You just feel inadequate. Like if you were better, he'd be paying attention to you. But you probably internalize it and try to play it cool, so to not make you look worse or cause a scene. Michelle doesn't play that way.

She's hot. She's brilliant. She's a great mom. She's a charismatic person. She's an amazing human being that does so much for others. She can basically have any man she wants. Which makes the rest of us feel waaaaaay better. If someone like THAT doesn't command attention from her guy 100% of the time, then I don't feel so bad when I don't. It can really happen to anybody.

So this whole selfie debacle happens, and I think Michelle feels like we all would. Does she sweep it under the carpet and smile like nothing's wrong? HELL no! She shows everyone exactly how she feels... making sure that everyone knows her feelings MATTER.

This insanely wonderful woman reminds us that it is more than fine to be HUMAN and to have the presence of mind and self-esteem to stand up for ourselves -- no matter who is watching.

Good for you, Michelle.