06/16/2015 06:04 pm ET Updated Jun 16, 2016

Top Beauty Trend 2015: Be Unapologetically You

It's been an exciting season in the world of beauty. In this past month, Caitlyn Jenner graced the cover of Vanity Fair as her identified gender and Tess Holliday was named the first plus-sized supermodel by People Magazine. The non-traditional, but ever-so-gorgeous Amy Schumer is starring in the new romantic comedy, Trainwreck (on the heels of absolutely killing it in the media for her sketch with Tina Fey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Patricia Arquette that shamelessly kicks Hollywood's ass about age discrimination).

It appears we're making some great strides in eliminating the narrow, cookie-cutter ideal of women in America. And while we are, it's important to avoid sneaky pitfalls along the way.

"Curvy" women were shamed for so long for not being waif-like - which resulted in low self-esteem, amongst many other internal struggles. Now in this body revolution, the tables have turned and media figures frequently slam skinny women with phrases like "REAL women have curves." This is not okay either.

Some very thin women are naturally that way (and agonize over not having curves!). Some very buff women enjoy working out and are subjected to questions of ridicule like "Why do you want to look like a man?" That needs to stop. It's fantastic that body types that were not accepted in the past are finally being recognized as amazing, but we need celebrate ourselves without demeaning anyone else.

The truth is, real beauty radiates out of who we are as individuals; even the modeling industry is taking note!

"The modeling industry is currently focusing on diversity - which I believe is a positive change!" says former Ford Model and owner of TRUE Model Management, Dale Noelle. "We're seeing transgendered and differently abled models, as well as all body types. Everyone can have a voice now."

Noelle's agency (which is CRUSHING it) has been lauded as one of the top agencies for curvy models, though TRUE represents all body types. The attributes Noelle seeks in models are based on more than just the basic requests for specific size, race, or gender.

Here are her top four beauty tips for models and civilians alike:

1. Be Physically Healthy. Everyone's body is different, but having a healthy body is most desirable. Treat your body with respect by eating nutritious food and exercising. You will rock whatever body type you have, if you have a strong foundation!

2. Be Emotionally Healthy and Have a Positive Attitude. In a judgmental industry (and world in general), it is imperative to remain positive and emotionally stable. Positivity can work wonders when a person faces adversity. Stay true to yourself and make sure your emotional health is always a priority. Stability and positivity starts within and you will receive all that you radiate. Real confidence comes from knowing who you are and truly loving that person. There is nothing more breath-taking than a confident person who shares who they are with the world.

3. Show Your Personality. The most successful models (and the most attractive people in general) are those who are unapologetically themselves.

4. Be Resilient and Stay Grounded. Stand strong in your morals and beliefs. Do not compromise yourself for any reason. As a model, one client might think one of your physical features is attractive and another will hate it - and that's okay. Same is true for life. You won't be shaken if you love who you are. And of course, always remember to stay humble!

The fashion industry is evolving into a more open forum for all types of people. As individuals, it is essential to capitalize on your uniqueness. Rid yourself of all thoughts of inadequacy. Make strides towards treating yourself with proper care and recognition; beauty will emerge from your good self-treatment. Always be true to you.