03/12/2014 05:44 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

It Doesn't Take a Genius to Work Out That Testing Cosmetics on Animals Is Cruel

Currently best known for playing Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory, Mayim Bialik's character is of both staggering intelligence and unwavering principles.

The comedy of her role is born from a combination of how loyal -- and sometimes misguided -- Amy can be in her beliefs and her incomprehension over the values, or actions, of others who don't share the same levels of intelligence she is blessed with.

It is not a world away then, for Mayim, in her own life, to demonstrate that same committed attitude in regard to speaking out against cruelty to animals and for her to be astonished that animal testing for cosmetics could still be tolerated, and carried out, in America.

However, this time, it isn't fiction, there is no judgment to be called into question and it is no laughing matter; as the only intelligent choice to be made is to call for an end to this cruelty once and for all.

Thousands of animals continue to suffer and die because of lack of action from the U.S government to end the outdated and unnecessary practice of cosmetics testing. The United States needs to catch up with the many countries, including India, Israel and the EU, that have already banned cosmetics tests on animals because they will not tolerate cruelty for the sake of beauty.

Mayim recently took part in a photo shoot for Cruelty Free International as part of an awareness campaign in the U.S, which remains in the 80 percent of the world which still carries out cruel and unnecessary cosmetics tests on animals. In her own words, she explains that

"It is very important to speak out on behalf of animals who cannot protest their suffering and ask the compassionate people of the United States to join me, and Cruelty Free International, to call on the U.S government to end the outdated use of animals for cosmetics testing once and for all. It doesn't take a genius to know that using animals for these cruel and unnecessary tests is unjustifiable."


The support of high-profile celebrities to raise awareness of this suffering is fundamental to Cruelty Free International's campaign, as many Americans remain in the dark about the continued use of rabbits, guinea pigs and mice in tests for cosmetic and personal care products like make-up, shampoo and toothpaste. Details of these animal tests seem as if from a long time past, rather than, sadly, from our current epoch that should instead be a time of pioneering humane science and sparing animal suffering. In certain tests pregnant female rabbits or rats are force-fed a cosmetics ingredient and then killed along with their unborn babies. Tests like these take a long time and use thousands of animals. In others, rabbits or rats are forced to eat or inhale a cosmetics ingredient or have it rubbed onto their shaved skin every day for 28 or 90 days before they are killed.

To bring about an end to these outdated and unjustifiable experiments Mayim joins other celebrities, such as Sir Paul McCartney, Ricky Gervais, Norman Reedus, Peter Dinklage, Ashley Bell and Joss Stone, to put the issue of cosmetics testing on animals at the forefront for consumers and policy makers around the world and to keep questioning why, with the availability of humane non-animal tests, the US continues to allow cruel animal tests for cosmetics. Make the intelligent and compassionate choice and join Cruelty Free International's campaign today.