06/03/2014 01:54 pm ET Updated Aug 03, 2014

Weddings Are One of the Best Places for Singles to Connect

Siri Stafford via Getty Images

When the month of June comes to mind, people typically think of getaways, barbecues, Father's Day and, naturally, weddings. June is renowned for being the most popular month for nuptials. For singles with a wedding invitation in-hand who are looking for a relationship, know that this life cycle event is a perfect opportunity to meet your future mate. The "love is in the air" vibe will be all around, so odds are that you will find like-minded people in the room. Since Wagner's wedding march is known for having a domino effect, here are some tips to help your chances of making that connection happen!

  • Be strategic. As soon as you receive the invitation, call the future bride or groom and get a sense of who's who on the guest list. Don't be shy about being in touch with both sides of the bridal party (it'll double your chances.) These are the people who can help smooth the road by talking you up to perspective matches.
  • Ask to be seated at a table with the singles. Oftentimes the assumption is that those who attend a function without a date want to be seated with their friends or family members to make them feel more comfortable. Be assertive in letting the host and hostess know that you are open to being at a table of unattached people. 
  • When appropriate, make a toast. Whether it be at the bridal shower, bachelor or bachelorette party or the wedding, if you are a close enough friend, a brief moment in the spotlight is your opportunity for making a good impression to the people in the room.
  • Fly solo. Even if you feel a bit uncomfortable going alone, do not show up with a fill-in date or platonic friend to the party. This is false advertisement and the guests in attendance will surmise that you're off the market. You do not want to spend the evening explaining that the person beside you is not a significant other and that in reality you are actually looking to meet someone.
  • Talk to all of the age groups. Don't discount the married set or older couples when meeting and greeting at the cocktail hour. You can never tell who possess the matchmaking skills.
  • Although it may be a bit intimidating to attend a function alone, remember, keep the drinks to a minimum so that you don't end up miscalculating your charm level.
  • Be the one to get your table up on the dance floor. Enthusiasm is contagious! This is a prime opportunity to be the initiator to get the ball rolling for an evening of fun.
  • Should a certain individual pique your interest, get their contact info. Don't assume that you will be able to find them on Facebook or that the other attendees will know who you are talking about days later.
  • If you end up hitting it off with someone, take a selfie with them. You never know, it may become the first page in the story of your relationship together.

Making the most of a social opportunity all boils down to confidence. You want to present yourself as poised, friendly and open to meeting others. There are few events as well choreographed for finding love as weddings. Good vibes, food, drinks and lots of people aspiring to have what the happy couple has achieved.