01/31/2013 02:12 pm ET Updated Apr 02, 2013

Gun Advocates: Show Me

An invitation to gun advocates:

In the wake of the daily news stories about gun-weilding Bad Guys,

In the wake of dozens of parents' Very Best Things being stolen away,

In the wake of All the Cities We'd Never Heard of Before,

Show me.

Share the countless success stories where the Good Guy uses the assault rifle beneath his bed to heroically save his family from the Gun-Weilding Mad Man we keep hearing about.

Show me.

Show me the news item describing Lindsay Graham's Atlanta mother who used her
Uzi or
AK-47 or
Streetsweeper or
Thompson 1927 Commando

Or any gun from the Theatre of War

Show me where she takes down the Home Invader coming for her family,

Or her Stuff.

Where are the news stories about that?

Show me the many, many, many cases that justify Regular Citizens not just owning, but wielding (trained or not) weapons like those from the streets of Kabul or Sirte.

Prove your point. Plead your case.

Because I'm just not seeing the evidence.