06/25/2012 04:04 pm ET Updated Aug 25, 2012

Past Our Due Date, and the Pressure Is OFF

Our baby was due three days ago, and we've never felt better.

It's the strangest thing -- as soon as That Date came and went, our lives suddenly became a lot easier. My husband and I find ourselves having actual conversations about non-baby-related topics.

Husband: "Did you read this NY Times article about this very grown-up, non-baby-related topic?"

Me: "Why, no, I have not yet seen it. I was busy reading this work of complete fiction, containing no references whatsoever to childbirth."

I'm no longer beginning sentences with the words, "what if." And most surprising of all, people asking us about when the baby will be here is noticeably less irritating than it was three days ago.

Well-Meaning Relative/Friend: "When is that baby of yours going to be here?"

Us (genuinely chuckling, and not sarcastic at all): "Good Question! We don't know, but we're pretty sure he'll come out at some point!"

We've also seen two plays in the past two days, which means I actually strayed from the apartment, with no concern for what might happen. Right before our due date, I was reluctant to sit in a crowded theatre for two hours for fear I might go into labor. The thought of climbing over other patrons to leave mid-scene, or the embarrassment of my water breaking on the nice upholstery kept me fairly close to home -- and sadly up-to-date on Game of Thrones. Now, however, I look forward to being the woman who went into labor during the show. As an actor myself, I'd consider it quite a compliment that my performance could be so moving, one human might emerge from another. In fact, I've already begun composing my "Dear Cast of (Blank)" letter for when this actually happens. I'm planning on seeing a Wednesday matinee, so keep your fingers crossed.

This morning, we had another appointment with our OB, and it looks like our little fella is staying put for awhile. Were we disappointed? Meh.

We're pretty sure he'll come out at some point.

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