05/05/2014 02:13 pm ET Updated Jul 05, 2014

How to Lose a Woman in 90 Minutes

How do you lose a woman in 90 minutes?

When I was dating my husband, I recall telling him (and this was before he met my children), "I am falling in love with you, but if my kids don't like you, we're going to have a problem." Harsh? Yes. But true!

As much as I was falling for this amazing man, my first allegiance was to my children who had already survived the divorce between their dad and me. Since my kids were still in elementary school, I didn't want any issues between anyone I was dating and my kids, and certainly not with anyone I was going to marry.

Dating someone who has children (especially if you don't!) can be very tough. I can only speak from the mom angle. Don't mess with Mama Bear! We can be very protective of our children. Dating a single mom means you may sometimes feel that you are taking second seat, as opposed to being her first priority. You have to be OK with that. Dating a single mom means you may sometimes feel that she is choosing them, over choosing you. You have to be okay with that. Dating a single mom may mean that your wishes, interests or needs are sometimes put in the back of the line behind the wishes, interests or needs of her kids. And, you have to be okay with that! It's not that single moms want to put their kids on a pedestal and idolize them, but rather that most moms are going to be protective of their kids and attentive to their needs. That's just a fact of life! That's Mama Bear 101. Speaking as a single mom who was dating, and is now married, I can honestly say I still sometimes feel as if I am being pulled between my kids and my husband. It's the normal push and pull of all relationships. Am I doing enough here? Should I be giving more there?

But the quickest way to lose a woman is to have an issue with her kids. Guys, you want a quick way to get out of a relationship with someone you are dating who has kids? Say something rude about her kids. Disrespect her kids. Act jealous of her kids. Don't show tolerance of her kids. That will get you kicked out of the relationship faster than almost anything else. It's an easy way out if you are looking for one.

My two dogs have this uncanny ability to be sleeping quietly on the floor at my feet until I get on a phone call for work, and then they immediately become needy and whiny, scratching at my chair, barking, wanting to go outside, etc. One friend shared that her boyfriend acted the same way. He would be as sweet as could be and laid back/low-key, but as soon as her kids needed her for something like help with their homework, or to drive them to an event, he would suddenly become needy and demand her attention. It began to drive her crazy. She didn't have the time or energy to deal with this kind of jealousy, so she said adios to him.

Here are five tips for dating a woman with kids:

1. Accept that you may come in second place. It's pretty easy to pick up on this, and only the most confident of men can deal with this successfully. No one wants to feel as if they are being trumped by others, but the reality is that when the babysitter doesn't show up or the baseball team makes it to the playoffs (on the night of your planned special date), you are just going to have to go with the flow. If your response is positive... and something to the effect of "I can't wait to watch Junior play outfield in the playoff game," you will win lots of extra points!

2. Be patient. It may take longer than you are accustomed to before she invites you to her home or to meet her kids. Taking this step will make her feel vulnerable, and it also exposes you to her kids. Chances are she is the kind of mom who doesn't want her kids to see a revolving door of men so she will be very choosy about who gets to come in. I dated my boyfriend/now husband for several months before finally inviting him to meet my kids.

3. Learn that spontaneity is not always an option! Moms with kids have to plan things out. Not only is she managing her schedule, but also that of her kids. Someone always needs to be somewhere! And, if the kids are young, mom is not going anywhere without someone to watch the kids. You can't always count on finding a spontaneous babysitter. From personal experience, I can tell you that once my need for a babysitter passed, then my need to be available to play chauffeur increased exponentially!

4. Be comfortable with direct and assertive! Many single moms have taken the time to look in the mirror post divorce and have dissected what worked and didn't work in their past relationship. They become really good and figuring out what they want "next time around" and become even better at articulating this. They aren't necessarily going to spend the time "hoping he will change" this time around. They know better. I became very comfortable articulating what I wanted and didn't want in my relationship.

5. If you think her kids are brats, if you think they lack manners, if you think they are spoiled, if you think they are little terrors who need to be sent to military school, leave now! They very well may be all of those things, but the reality is that they aren't going anywhere. Your differing opinion on the subject of her children will lead to ongoing frustration and heartache.

So, back to my initial query: How do you lose a woman in 90 minutes? Here's how. A friend shared that her boyfriend proposed over a romantic walk at the beach one evening, following by a beautiful dinner outside watching the sunset. As you would expect, over dinner they began to talk about the proposal and plans for the wedding. During the course of the conversation, her fiancée gave her a card from each of his four grown children welcoming her to the family ("If you are reading this card, then we know you said yes! Congrats! Welcome!). Very sweet and thoughtful, right? But... she realized that her own three adult children hadn't provided cards like his did. She asked about that. His response blew her away. Even though he knew her three kids, and saw them regularly, he said, "I never asked what they thought, or told them I was going to ask you. I didn't think it mattered." What she heard was, "I didn't think they mattered." Within 90 minutes of proposal, she called off the wedding saying, "You obviously don't get me or know what's important to me." That is how you lose a woman in 90 minutes!

What about you? What other tips should be added for dating a woman with kids?