05/13/2013 10:53 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Moms Change the World: Wendy Silvers

I'm on a personal mission to tell the stories of moms who know their power and use it to transform the world within and around them. I'm convinced that empowered, knowing, self-embodied mothers can move mountains. It doesn't matter what type of work these moms do. What matters is that they do it from their hearts and souls, knowing they can create change.

Wendy Silvers is one of these mothers. Her soothing voice, and the way she gently sways as she walks have a power as soft as water. She's both a sensual, nurturing mom, and a woman determined to uplift humanity, to empower and inspire mothers to harness their power for good, and to bring compassionate parenting to every family around the globe. With this goal in mind, she started the Million Mamas Movement. "I would like to see women and children being well taken care of. Health care for everyone is important. And I'd like to see the educational system be revamped, developing our children's emotional intelligence as well as their academic abilities. To have a world that works for everyone; where people's needs are recognized and met to the best of our ability as a society."


Truly Wendy lives and works between the secular and spiritual worlds. The ground is surely shifting beneath her feet as she works to be a good steward of her daughter, Joie- May, and to teach others to follow an empowering parenting path. Through her Compassionate Parenting Classes, Wendy is intent on opening the doors for a generation of parents who create safe spaces in which children can think for themselves and participate in family life -- even before birth. Her vision reminds me of the practices of a certain African tribe in which a child's birthday is counted from the time the mother has her first thought of the child. This mother-to-be then goes into solitude to listen within and hear the song of the child, which she then teaches to the father and the community. When the child is conceived and throughout his or her life, the song is sung to the child, serving as a reminder of who he or she is. Wendy's movement was founded to bring this level of connection to all parents and children.

When I asked Wendy how she thought she changed the world, she said "I change the world by healing myself and by knowing that I have a right to be here and to share my voice on the planet. I change the world by raising a child who is aware of her power and who I honor at the deepest level of her being." Wendy believes that our planet will change with the nurturance of children who are recognized as complete human beings and are treated accordingly. These children will then become, like Wendy and her Million Mamas, the visionary parents who demand clean air, food, and water for themselves and their children.

Before we parted, Wendy and I talked about her daughter, who she loves like none other. "Joie-May is becoming a beautiful woman," she said. "Her body is changing from a girl's to a young woman's, and she's so beautiful." My heart flung open as I watched this lovely, sensual woman open to create space for her daughter to blossom. We embraced with a strong but loving hug. She held me tight like someone who knows how to nurture does, and I could feel the strength of her love, which is expansive enough to carry and cure us all.

For more information about Wendy Silvers visit Million Mama's Movement and for workshops and classes here.