09/29/2010 09:17 pm ET Updated 3 days ago

South Carolina - Sleeper Cell of the South?

I saw this sticker last week when I was at the old market in Charleston, South Carolina.


Those stickers are quite common and seemed innocent enough, but then I had a Glenn Beck moment where the hidden symbols became clear and revealed their deeper, darker meaning.

Where had I seen the same palm tree symbol before? BAM! - It's that island they built in Dubai, a Muslim Middle Eastern country. And who else has a tree on their flag? Bam! - Lebanon, another Middle Eastern country that is predominately Muslim. Okay, okay, maybe I'm reading too much into the symbolism of the tree, but what about that crescent moon? BAM! - The crescent moon is an international symbol for Muslims and appears on the flags of most Islamic countries. So, there it was as plain as day right in front of me ... a palm tree and a crescent moon ... enough said.

Now the letters "SC" made logical sense ... "Sharia Caliphate" or perhaps "Sleeper Cell." What better way to lull the rest of the nation into complacency than pretending to be intolerant right wing bigots who love sweet tea and pulled pork and hate mosques and prayer rugs. And maybe that whole terror baby nonsense isn't nonsense after all. Well played, Senator DeMint ... or should I say Sheikh DeMint?