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Is It Really All Going to Turn Out?

I have an important question. Please answer it as honestly as you can. For many of us that might be difficult because we might not want to know the answer.

Here is the question: Do you really feel that it's all going to turn out for you?

No, I didn't ask if you wanted it to turn out. Of course you do. I asked do you really feel, deep down, that it's all going to turn out for you? Do you really feel you will have a long-lasting nurturing, loving relationship? That you will have financial abundance? That you will get paid to do work you are passionate about? That you will truly enjoy life?

Based on our one-on-one work with well over 13,000 clients it is clear that although most people want their lives to turn out, at the same time most fear that it never will.

My story

For a large part of my life I intended things to turn out, I wanted things to turn out, I did my best to make things turn out... but deep down, I felt that they wouldn't. And no matter what I did or how hard I tried, and as good as things got, they never turned out the way I really wanted them to.

Because I thought that negative thoughts and feelings would keep me from getting what I wanted, I did my best to bury them so I wouldn't know they were there. I covered them with positive thoughts and feelings, which I focused on constantly. But when things didn't turn out the way I wanted, I had the sense: "I knew it. I knew it would never turn out the way I wanted." I had managed to hide that sense from myself most of the time, but I never got rid of it.

Because many people committed to personal growth believe that what they focus on manifests, they are afraid of their "negative" thoughts and feelings. They suppress them. They do their best to have "positive" thoughts and feelings.

Unfortunately, underneath the layer of positivity lies the widespread sense that it is never really going to turn out.

How to deal with the fear it will never turn out for you

There is no need to live with the fear that your life is never going to turn out, whether that fear is conscious or just below the surface. So, I have a suggestion for those of you who have that sense.

First, acknowledge that you have it. Hiding it, suppressing it, pretending you don't have it will not make it go away.

Second, identify the beliefs that cause it. Beliefs like: I'll never get what I want. Life is difficult. I'm not deserving. I'm not worthy. I'm not good enough. It's never going to turn out for me.

Third, eliminate the beliefs. If you eliminate the beliefs that cause the feeling that your life will never be the way you want it to be, the feeling will not merely be suppressed, it will be eliminated... forever.

When I finally eliminated the beliefs listed above and several others, my fear that my life would never be what I wanted it to be disappeared forever.

Create your own possibilities

One of the purposes of this weekly blog is to make you aware of possibilities for your life that you might not have been aware of previously. This week I want you to know that the feeling so many of us live with constantly -- that our dreams will remain only dreams, never to manifest -- is not the truth. No matter who you are or what your situation, that feeling is the result of beliefs. Eliminate the beliefs and the feeling will disappear.

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