04/30/2007 02:25 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Randi Packard: She Leads By Example

Some mothers give their daughters long orations on proper behavior and how to be a good friend. My mom is not that type. Rather, she leads by example. A friend recently paid me a high compliment by remarking on my loyalty and asked where that quality came from. Simply put: my mom! I believe that virtuous qualities are hereditary, if you will.

Don't get me wrong my mom likes to gossip (a lot!) however the difference is she draws the line with her nearest and dearest. I have never heard her utter a negative word about those she truly loves, even if she secretly feels that way. I have noticed that because I am loyal I attract other loyal friends with whom I have very special friendships In the end, it's my mother who I have to thank. I learned how to be a good friend from watching her. She has been able to sustain life-long friends because of her amazing loyalty, and I hope I'm just as lucky.

My mom breaks people into separate groups. She has an inner circle of close friends and family, and then there is everyone else. It's always good to be a part of someone's A-Team. Life gets tricky and it's nice to know someone has your back!