10/31/2011 01:41 pm ET Updated Dec 31, 2011

Accepting Alternative Lifestyles

I know many zombie probably spit their brain shake all over computer when see headline, but yes, some zombie not like to eat brain. Is called "alternate lifestyle," and is learned from human people who have very much liberty in day to day. Zombie getting affected by human practices and many zombie say is bad, especially scholar zombie. But maybe is time we zombie also accept other ways? If one zombie not eat brain that mean more brain for rest of US. No zombie could SEE THAT BAD? (except alternate lifestyle zombie who NO WANT BRAIN HAHA)

Main reason to accept is to be as good as human. Why human always saying, oh savage zombie? Not nice when human also killing all the time. Only becuase human have VARIATION is the secret. Then they say look at savage zombie like machine no soul. Variation mean soul.

Accept vegan zombie. Who know? Maybe someday uncle or brother or even zombie best friend turn vegan and then limit of tolerance -- NAY RESPECT -- tested.

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