04/03/2014 11:38 am ET Updated Jun 03, 2014

Top 10 U.S. Cities for Supernatural Creatures

In The Shambling Guide to New York City and its sequel Ghost Train to New Orleans (out this month), travel writer Zoe Norris discovers that there is a secret world of coterie, or supernatural creatures, hidden from the rest of us.

If vampires, zombies, and succubi existed, they would probably travel around the United States just as we do -- relocating for jobs, visiting friends and family, or just being a tourist. But they'd be concerned with slightly different details: What's the local blood supply like? Where can they escape the burning daylight?

Below are the 10 best cities for a supernatural creature on the go, where a banshee might blend in, a fairy could feast, and a satyr could see a show. If you're visiting one of those cities, keep your eyes open. New Orleans's parades, Las Vegas's bright lights, and New York's crowds attract millions every year, and some of the same things would appeal to people who aren't quite like the rest of us. Who knows what you might glimpse in the shadows?

Top 10 Cities For Supernatural Creatures