03/12/2014 12:00 am ET Updated Jun 10, 2015

TV, Tech And The New Frontier

Consumption of video on mobile devices has grown so rapidly that advertising and marketing executives now have an opportunity to convey a message ten times more powerful than traditional written content.

Millennials have shifted their video viewing from TV to mobile devices. Availability of broadband networks and the rapid growth of video platforms, such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Vine and Instagram, has made it seamless to create, view and share videos on mobile devices. Powerful cloud technology, combined with a variety of factors including more sophisticated mobile devices, faster networks and more affordable data plans, is leading consumers to spend more time watching video -- beyond just short, viral content -- on their mobile devices.

Marketers have obviously taken notice. AdAge estimated that mobile advertising grew more than 75 percent last year. eMarketer projects U.S. ad spending for mobile video to quadruple from $518 million this year to nearly $2.1 billion in 2016 as marketers take advantage of consumers becoming increasingly active on both social media and mobile devices.

But how can today's businesses find new ways to engage with the mobile video-consuming consumer?

Limited amounts of storage and battery life on mobile devices means tablet and smartphone apps often need to "borrow" additional storage and computing power from the cloud. Open cloud platforms provide the ability to scale storage more efficiently as well as integrate with enterprise storage platforms -- two major requirements in the age of Big Data and increasing amounts of video content.

Marketers will use analytic tools to discover and dissect this cloud content and speedily respond to emerging trends, provide consumer feedback in real time and tap new insights to create value. Real-time analytics of cloud content usage opens up opportunities for marketers to create new offerings and services in addition to the original intent of the content via the API Economy, enabling them to create and capture value in new ways, not only tapping online but increasingly mobile audiences.

Change happens fast on the web, and now even faster on mobile. Businesses will need to more effectively and quickly glean insight for actions while keeping a keen eye out for changes in consumers' shifting viewer habits and expectations from mobile video in order to remain competitive.

That's the new normal.