11/05/2012 11:20 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Kleenex: The Final Frontier

So here's the scoop. My pup will be turning 7 months in 2 days! He's been in our life for 5 months now. Over this time, we've bought him squeaky toys, balls, elk antlers, plush jacks, Frisbees, stuffed animals, pull toys, braided toys...the list goes on and on. Each and every time, the toy lasts about 10 minutes in our home, and then it is completely demolished.

Last week, we went out and bought him toys "designed for the serious chewer" (HAH!!) These toys actually lasted less time than the regular toys. PWD are notorious chewers. Early on, when we first got him, we learnt this real fast. All our shoes were either locked away in the garage, or they were stored on top of the dryer. Pup did ruin a couple of shoes...just flip flops and sandals that were left by the back door, but they were never big ticket items.

Pup, did, once inadvertently destroy a pair of my husband's slippers. How, you ask? How does a puppy destroy something without setting out to destroy it in the first place? Well, to make a long story short, pup and I were in the garage. I was getting him ready for his mid-morning walk when I noticed that pup was eying hubby's brand new slippers (barely 3 days old). Thinking quickly, I put the slippers on the trunk of my car. I then took pup out for his walk. 45 minutes later, we were back in the house. I put him in his crate and got ready to leave (a girl's gotta go back to work!). Later that day, when hubby came home from work, he called me wondering where his slippers were. "I don't know where you left them" I answered indignantly. Honestly, I thought, does that man rely on me for everything!!! Then, it dawned on me.....his slippers drove away with me that morning. I had never taken them off the trunk!!!! Yes, I know, I'm the one that put them there...however, I blame pup for that one!!!

Besides footwear, pup loves Bounce sheets, toilet paper, lint, straws...but above all...he loves Kleenex (especially the used variety found on the street). Every day, sometimes as much as 3 times a day, I can be seen on any given street corner trying to pry pup's jaws apart while pulling out bits and pieces of used Kleenex from his mouth. I do this with my bear hands, all the while telling myself that the Kleenex that's coming apart ever so slowly was not really a used one. In fact, I concoct an entire scenario in my head. This is a clean Kleenex. It was carefully folded and put in someone's pocket. As this person reached into his pocket to take out a bus pass, the very clean, pure Kleenex fell out of his pocket. Pup scooped it up immediately before it even touched the ground.....Yes, as my hands rip out little pieces, I imagine that the Kleenex is of the purest's the only thing that keeps me sane.

Why Kleenex?? Why not leaves? (so pretty this time of year)...why not treats? (yes it's true, we never encouraged our pup with treats, but maybe some of his puppy friends at the park have told him about the wonders of liver, chicken and beef flavoured goodies) Why, why, why...Kleenex??? I'll never know!!! But for the time being, I'll have to remember to bring gloves on our walks.

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