03/28/2012 03:29 pm ET Updated May 28, 2012

Fashion - Rip the Runway

It's the best opportunity for young, gifted, creative, black designers to showcase their work in the fashion arena. More recently, some of the industry's biggest names have had the unique opportunity to host this very special event.

As I watched the droves of beautiful, young, brown, black, and white audience members enter the Hamerstein Ballroom -- located in the heart of midtown, 34th Street -- I thought the rain would have been a deterrent. As I approached the entrance, the line was very skim. I was prepared to enter with the tickets gifted to me by a new business client. I wanted to show my face and my appreciation for the gift.

To my pleasant surprise, the room was packed. From the center to the ceiling, wall to wall people shared this Goth-like auditorium.

I quickly scanned the room to see who I would recognize. The blonde afro beauty, Michaela Angela Davis greeted me with warm arms. I turned to the left, and celebrity photographer, Ronnie Wright embraced me. The room was inviting.

The young people stood, sat and conversed as they eagerly awaited the show to begin. I turned to my right, and a young woman stood before me. I quickly asked her if I could occupy the space beside her to rest my coat, bag and laptop so that I could put my iPhone to work. After all, my audience was anxiously awaiting knowledge of my whereabouts.

The show opened with none other than the beautiful Victoria's Secret goddess, Selita Ebanks and her co-host Pooch from The Game.

Performing that night was another dear client from my past, Estelle, serenading the army of men that marched to the beat of her voice. My goodness that was too much eye candy for one night.

As I hooted and howled at the march of these soldiers, I regained my composure and remembered that I needed to take photos. Done. Trust me, you will see it was well deserved.

The audience was absolutely delightful, the garments definitely works of art. The models, though not immediately recognizable to me, or probably the majority of the audience, still did a splendid job.

I was pleased. As I shuffled to walk out before the show finished, to avoid the crowd, I bumped into Rebecca Casciano, who confessed being the makeup artist for the futuristic, segment that was inspired by Grace Jones, Nikki Manaj, and a host of other innovators before them.

Fashion speaks volumes... neither capital or lack of it, race, or sex, can stop a creator, innovator from expressing him/herself through the use of the Cloth.

Thank goodness BET aired this program for these young emerging artists, giving them a glimpse of hope--to have their dreams seen beyond their immediate demographic. Thank you to the celebrities that invest their time to support these young artists, to help increase their value. It does not go unnoticed.

Fashion lives in all neighborhoods.