05/02/2012 04:39 pm ET Updated Jul 02, 2012

Six Degrees Of Separation

It's been said that there are six degrees of separation between every two individuals on the planet. This statement no longer holds true. With today's technology, the entire world is at our fingertips. And thank goodness for me as a manicurist, that's a lot of hands to be done.

The privilege of touch is much more valuable to me than one can imagine. With the power of touch, one can heal, preserve, destroy, and empower. And my career choice as a manicurist has opened doors for me that I could have only imagined. The six degrees of separation, seem to me to be decreasing.

Since I was a little girl, through the pages of fashion magazines, movies, and comic books, I dreamed of everything a normal child would want to be, get and possess. It is now that I have come to appreciate their value.

Iman, Naomi Campbell, Beverly Johnson, Christy Turlington -- the original fashion beauties. Etta James, Eartha Kitt, Anita Baker -- entertainment icons that I have had the honor to touch.

For those who are dreamers, innovators the power is not just in achieving it, but the courage to dream it and believe it and to make it happen. That is what makes this life so special.

For the past couple of months the action has intensified for me as a manicurist. I just completed New York Fashion Week, some amazing shows with some great designers, Tommy Hilfiger, Vera Wang, Angel Sanchez and Song Jung Wan, to name a few.

As usual, I made my list for the new year of great talent I have wanted to work or reconnect with and once again it is happening. Viola Davis, Tyra Banks, Wayne Maser, Annie Leibowitz, Patrick Demarchelier. Now the newcomers Victor Demarchelier, Liv Tyler, Bebe Beull, Don Flood, Jordin Sparks, Justiin Davis... and my list continues to grow. Coming soon are names I can only whisper in the dark, but I promise you they are all coming.

As this year unfolds, the surprises will unfold, the locations will continue to get more and more exciting. A little more exotic than the last but I promise you it will be colorful, and polished.

From the sands of South Beach, Miami to the deserts of Qatar, things will continue to sizzle. As I evolve, my quest for more continues, more fabulous people, more locations, more art, more "once-in-a-lifetime" moments.You have to go out and grasp them with both hands to thoroughly enjoy every moment, every tingle that it sends through your soul.
Your lust for life grows as each door opens. The desire grows as you savor each dish. The dance becomes more sultry as the tones of the bass of life plays. The calling becomes more and more irresistible, until it becomes uncontrollable. You hunger for the next adventure life brings you. And your only wish is that you can stop at every moment and smell the roses.

We will meet at some point, the question is no longer how, but when. I will continue to ask and He shall continue to grant me my wish and fulfill my every desire.